How To Download Hotstar for PC Windows

download hotstar for pc

If you have missed any of your favourite tv shows then don’t need to depress for that there is an app called Hotstar. By using this app you can also watch cricket matches and movies. Hotstar app is developed and designed by Star India Private Limited. But the main drawback is that it’s only available for smartphone users, So I am going to share how you can watch it through your PC or Laptop.

download hotstar for pc

Hotstar Live App TV pic and cricket App is developed for the mobile platform to observe your favourite TV series and flicks Live. HotStar brings you all TV shows that are telecast on channel. The user simply has to be compelled to transfer HotStar Live App on your smartphone to possess full fun of observation their favourite shows for free of charge with none sign-on or registration to the various channel.

How To Download Hotstar App For PC or Laptop

It’s not very tough to install this hotstar for pc, it’s most similar like other android apps which you are using earlier on your PC. If you haven’t used any android app on your computer or laptop then there are some easy steps to follow and enjoy Hotstar app on your PC.

  • For installing any android app on your pc you must have an emulator (An Emulator is computer software which lets you install and play all android applications on our PC). There are many emulators available free on the internet. But I’ll suggest you use Bluestacks because it is faster and simple too.
  • First of all download and install blue stacks on your pc.
  • Now open it and search for Hotstar app in the search bar.
  • Now you will get Hotstar app in the search results.
  • After that click on Install to download and install this app on your PC or Laptop.
  • That was it! Now you can watch your favourite TV shows, movies or cricket matches using Hotstar app on your PC.

So this was all about how you can download Hotstar live app for PC or your laptop. If you are cricket, movies and TV program lover then you must try this app. This is an amazing app. Let me know if there any problem while installing this app on your PC.

Features of Hotstar App For PC Windows

  • You will get live cricket score. Also, You can stream live cricket 5min delay.
  • You don’t need to register to stream cricket or watch movies.
  • You can watch the latest Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood, Kannada and many other regional language movies.
  • According to my experience, you can also stream live cricket, movies, and shows in slow Internet Connection.

So, this is a step you can follow to use Hotstar app on PC or Laptop. If you ask me what I do to watch movies on Hotstar on PC, I never use the app on PC. I use Hotstar official website. But, I use the Android app for Mobile. I hope it helped you to download Hotstar app for PC. If you have a question regarding Hotstar app then you can ask me via the comment section below.

Tips for Troubleshooting Common Printer Problems

Common Printer Problems

Our relationship with the printer often goes from love to hate constantly. It is peripheral to which we demand constant fidelity and, especially, when we are in bad weather. However, it is not always possible that the printer is in good condition, especially if we use it a little. Over the years, the printer is the peripheral that gives us the most trouble, at home and at work. Hence, it does not hurt to make a list of solutions to frequent problems with the printer, from the most basic, but not least practical. And along with these solutions, it also pays a little patience and builds courage. Not because the printer smells our fear, but because in the worst case we will need external help.

Common Printer Problems

Our relationship with the printer often goes from love to hate constantly. It is peripheral to which we demand constant fidelity and, especially, when we are in bad weather. However, it is not always possible that the printer is in good condition, especially if we use it a little. Over the years, the printer is the peripheral that gives us the most trouble, at home and at work. Hence, it does not hurt to make a list of solutions to frequent problems with the printer, from the most basic, but not least practical. And along with these solutions, it also pays a little patience and builds courage. Not because the printer smells our fear, but because in the worst case we will need external help.

Reinstall the Printer

Another solution that we can apply if the printer ignores us when printing is to reinstall it in the operating system. That is, we delete the printer from the Windows or macOS Printers section and then we launch the wizard again to detect the printer again.

The process is relatively fast, so in a few minutes, we should have the peripheral connected and available to print again, this time without problems.

Maintenance Tasks

There are frequent problems that do not always have a solution. These are usually incorrect prints, either because lines are skipped or because print lines are not aligned properly.

In these cases, each manufacturer offers maintenance solutions through their own printing applications or software. Typical solutions are usually to clean the print heads or align the print heads.

Cleaning usually takes a few minutes, and by the end, the problem should be resolved. Aligning the heads is a more complicated process since it requires us to make decisions based on a pattern that we have previously printed.

If after performing these operations we are unable to resolve the printing problem and continue to print poorly, the only solution will be to contact the printer manufacturer’s technical support.

Ink Cartridges

Another frequent problem has to do with the absence of ink. Sometimes removing and replacing the problem cartridge helps resolve the problem. In other cases, the only solution is to change the cartridge.

Unfortunately, depending on the printer and the manufacturer, we will find obstacles that are difficult to solve on our own, such as that the printer only accepts official cartridges or that the heads are clogged.

How To Recover TCS Webmail Account

TCS Webmail login

Tata consultancy services limited have many headquarters all across the world. TCS is a multinational IT company and one of the gigantic network of IT consultancy in many countries. TCS is mainly established in India and is currently expanding all over the world. This article is on the TCS Webmail Official organization which is the official email service for the employees of Tata consultancy services across the nation.

TCS Webmail login

About 4,00,000 professionals are working in TCS and its headquarter is in Mumbai, India. TCS offers services (in IT, Banking, Information technology, BPO and other analytical services with more than 4 lakh qualified employees worldwide. TCS has its presence in more than 46 countries.

Webmail TCS

The official website for webmail TCS is Tata Consultancy Services has eliminated direct access & switched its TCS webmail to a VPN. TCS webmail Vpn networks help in protecting & accessing data remotely through public networks securely.

So, currently, it is not possible to access tcs webmail outside of the company’s premises. But you don’t need to worry as we have got a solution for you. There are multiple possible ways to access TCS mail from your Android or Apple smartphone.

TCS Webmail Login

For the last few months, TCS has moved its TCS webmail on a VPN. So if you’re looking to access Tata consultancy service webmail into your pc or mobile then you’re at the right place. Here we provide the easy way to login to

Access TCS Webmail through Citrix Workspace

There are multiple ways to TCS webmail login, you can log in through Citrix Workspace app which is designed to operate Webmail through the smartphones.

  • You can download the Citrix Workspace app from google play store or app store. Just download and install the app from the link above.
  • After installing open the app and land on the login page i.e. Netscaler Gateway ( Login page of Tata consultancy service app)
  • Now just fill in your ultimatix credentials to log in to your account.
  • After that, it will take you to the webmail through the Citrix Workspace app.
  • Now you will see, lotus webmail which will take you to the TCS mail login page.
  • At this step enter your TCS.webmail username and password to access your emails.

Citrix Workspace app helps you to access your official TCS emails from any device outside of tata consultancy premises. Citrix Workspace provides flawless performance and that’s the reason TCS has a partnership with them. Always make sure to access your Webmail from a secure system only. Your email might contain sensitive information, which might be compromised on a non-secure system.

As we know, Tata consultancy service emails were earlier accessible through However, a few months ago, the company has changed this address to a new one in order to provide better work experience to its employees.

Now TCS has partnered With Citrix for providing flawless performance. Now TCS employees can use the Netscaler gateway( to access their emails.

You just have to enter official credentials to validate your login. Also, if you’re using this mail from home, you have to be aware of the fact that you need a secure network to log in to your mail.

TCS webex

If you are an employee from Tata consultancy services then you can use the TCS webex service for accessing their online meetings, video conferencing or to get in touch with colleagues all around the world. TCS has a workforce all around the world. To start using webex you just need to login to webmail TCS.


Used for giving different lectures and small sessions.
Used to arrange an event to handle 100 to 3000 people simultaneously.
Webex services include different webinars, training and online or video conference meeting.
Webex used on all types of platform i.e. desktop or mobile devices.

TCS Webmail Account Recovery Steps

While logging in to TCS webmail, you should be careful as three wrong attempts might temporarily lock your account. If you are an employee of TCS and are willing to change your password or forget your password or username of webmail TCS. Follow the steps below to recover your password:

  • Login to TCS Ultimatix using the following link:
  • Under password management, you can reset your password – you may need to answer the right recovery questions.
  • After resetting your password, you can now login to your webmail again.

Please let us know if you are facing any problem while logging onto TCS webmail as we can help in making your life better. subscribe and stay tuned for the latest feeds about TCS.

Best Slack Alternatives for Collaboration Software

Slack Alternatives

Instant messaging has become a constant channel of communication in many companies. And although WhatsApp is very popular, there are better ones. Unlike email, instant messaging makes conversations in real-time easier. In addition, current solutions allow you to send a text but also voice messages, make video calls and even send files. An all-in-one ideal for teamwork.

Slack Alternatives

There are many instant messaging applications for professional use. Hangouts, Slack, Skype, Telegram … WhatsApp has even become popular by creating groups for internal communication. And to this list, we have to add one more alternative, Glip or RingCentral Glip.

And it is that WhatsApp has become very popular in the professional field thanks to its great acceptance among smartphone users. Many SMEs, for example, use it as a communication channel with their clients. But as an internal communication tool, options like Glip are more recommended.

All in One Digital

Although we talk about WhatsApp for being known to everyone, the standard in the professional instant messaging sector is Slack. There are many reasons, such as having a version for any device, allowing individual and group conversations, sending files, highlighting messages, integrating with third-party services such as Google Drive and a long etcetera.

For its part, Glip agrees, like Slack, in being an instant messaging application. Also, you can install it on your Windows PC or on your Mac with macOS. It also has a version for iPhone, iPad and Android, although for the moment it is called RingCentral.

We can talk to users individually, chat in groups, and even make video calls. So far the normal in a messaging app.

But Glip wants to go further, so it offers the possibility to send and receive files, share documents in the cloud and organize daily work through a shared calendar integrated into the app itself and a task management tool. All without leaving Glip.

Another peculiarity of Glip is that we can use it to give remote talks by sharing the video in real-time. In this sense, the free version allows 500 minutes of video to be shared, while the paid version supports up to 1,000 minutes per user per month.

If all these own functions are not enough, Glip gets along well with third party services. In its list of integrations, you will find such popular names as Asana, Box, Evernote, GitHub, Dropbox, Jira, Harvest, Salesforce or Trello. In short, you can integrate Glip with the other tools you use in your day today.

In conclusion, Glip aims to be the only application you need for your daily work, and always accessible and available place where you can share notes, messages, files and find everything you need to carry out your tasks.

Best apps To Overcome Mobile Addiction

Smartphone Addiction

Technology companies are aware of the abuse we make of our mobile phones. For this reason, they have been working on solutions that allow us to disconnect in a real way for some time. Today we collect some of them, which are valid for the Android operating system.
That we are hooked on our mobile and the Internet is no surprise. It is not a matter exclusively for adolescents and young people, who are commonly blamed for a certain unconsciousness, but affects everyone: the elderly as well. It is an addiction increasingly widespread and from which it is difficult to escape.


Smartphone Addiction

According to the study “ Digital in 2020 ”, published by the Hootsuite social media management platform and the creative agency specialized in social media We Are Social, Spaniards spend 5 hours and 41 minutes every day browsing the net. A high figure, without a doubt, which represents 4% more than the previous year.

Given this situation, Google has announced several experimental apps to overcome mobile addiction. Let’s get to know them.

Activity Bubbles

Activity Bubbles is an app with a very simple procedure: replace your wallpaper with a black background, to which bubbles are added every time you unlock the terminal. The longer you stay in each session, the bigger this bubble is.

It does not yield data from the sessions, but it does allow us to visually know the times we enter our phone and the time we spend in each one.

Screen StopWatch

Screen StopWatch is another Google experiment to improve the digital disconnection of Internet users.

If the previous app, Activity Bubbles, works completely visually, adding bubbles, this one shows figures. Every time you unlock your mobile, Screen StopWatch starts a stopwatch, which adds up the time you spend using it throughout the day.

Post Box

Post Box is an app that concentrates all the notifications that your phone receives and delivers them to you at once, at the scheduled time. Gmail messages, Whatsapp, social networks, calendar events and even calls … You can choose the daily frequency with which you want them delivered and the exact time of each one.

Post Box App

In the application’s own video, they compare its operation to a postman who leaves all the letters stacked in your mailbox at home, waiting for you to arrive and decide to take them. It is a way to avoid continuous attention to notifications.

Desert Island

Have you ever been asked the question “what would you take to a desert island”? Probably yes. We usually imagine such a situation to assess for a moment what is most important to us and what is not so important.

With this assumption, this app makes you choose between those applications that you think you will use for a day and those that you think are expendable.

In any case, you don’t run the risk of eliminating any of them. They simply stop working within the stipulated period of time and as long as you decide not to stop the experiment. Do you already have an idea of ​​which ones you would stop using?

Unlock Block

Going back to the number of times we access our smartphone, Unlock Block counts them and shows them to us in giant numbers, so that they do not go unnoticed.


Of all the apps to overcome mobile addiction, Envelope is probably one of the most radical and shocking. It is not a wallpaper that shows data, in figures or graphs, but your bet goes further.

From your app , you have to print a paper PDF. It is an envelope that you must fold and convert into a case for your phone . In this way, the paper envelope hides the screen and the rest of the terminal, except for the buttons and the camera, so the only functions you can do are phone calls and photos .

Glasses Equipped With Sensors That monitor Diabetes

Biosensor equipped glasses

A team of researchers from Sao Paulo has created, together with American scientists, glasses capable of measuring the level of glucose in the blood through a biosensor. They do it through tears, a much less invasive formula than the one diabetics are forced to use.

Biosensor equipped glasses

Worldwide, there are an estimated 380 million people with diabetes. The World Health Organization has raised the alarm against this disease, in fear of its spread. The organism believes that around 2035 there may be 580 million diabetics in the world.

The glasses created by these scientists, from the University of Sao Paulo and the University of California, are based on the use of the enzyme glucose oxidase to react with tears. The device has a biosensor capable of measuring chemical reactions and generating a signal proportional to the concentration of a certain substance.

The user produces tears by exposing their eyes to an eye-sensitive substance that stimulates a lacrimal gland. These come into contact with glucose oxidase, immobilized on an electrode, in turn, connected to a circuit. The contact alternates the flow of electrons producing a signal that is recorded and processed in the glasses and then send the result to a smartphone and computer.

Biomedical Glasses and Contact Lenses

These diabetes monitoring glasses are an example of how the accessories we use to improve our vision can be used for something more. Lenses with biomedical capabilities have also been created through a biosensor, which would allow the detection of some diseases. Glucose monitoring was even postulated as one of the possible applications.
And it is that contact lenses are one of the devices whose intelligence has been deeply studied. As advantages are its ability to integrate with the human body. But its drawbacks come from precisely the same side. Its structure, so small and so integrated, does not allow the electrical supply easily.

Glasses, on the other hand, are devices that work more easily. It is possible to attach a battery and even hide it, while the space to integrate the capabilities of the biosensor is also greater.

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