Smartphone Addiction

Technology companies are aware of the abuse we make of our mobile phones. For this reason, they have been working on solutions that allow us to disconnect in a real way for some time. Today we collect some of them, which are valid for the Android operating system.
That we are hooked on our mobile and the Internet is no surprise. It is not a matter exclusively for adolescents and young people, who are commonly blamed for a certain unconsciousness, but affects everyone: the elderly as well. It is an addiction increasingly widespread and from which it is difficult to escape.


Smartphone Addiction

According to the study “ Digital in 2020 ”, published by the Hootsuite social media management platform and the creative agency specialized in social media We Are Social, Spaniards spend 5 hours and 41 minutes every day browsing the net. A high figure, without a doubt, which represents 4% more than the previous year.

Given this situation, Google has announced several experimental apps to overcome mobile addiction. Let’s get to know them.

Activity Bubbles

Activity Bubbles is an app with a very simple procedure: replace your wallpaper with a black background, to which bubbles are added every time you unlock the terminal. The longer you stay in each session, the bigger this bubble is.

It does not yield data from the sessions, but it does allow us to visually know the times we enter our phone and the time we spend in each one.

Screen StopWatch

Screen StopWatch is another Google experiment to improve the digital disconnection of Internet users.

If the previous app, Activity Bubbles, works completely visually, adding bubbles, this one shows figures. Every time you unlock your mobile, Screen StopWatch starts a stopwatch, which adds up the time you spend using it throughout the day.

Post Box

Post Box is an app that concentrates all the notifications that your phone receives and delivers them to you at once, at the scheduled time. Gmail messages, Whatsapp, social networks, calendar events and even calls … You can choose the daily frequency with which you want them delivered and the exact time of each one.

Post Box App

In the application’s own video, they compare its operation to a postman who leaves all the letters stacked in your mailbox at home, waiting for you to arrive and decide to take them. It is a way to avoid continuous attention to notifications.

Desert Island

Have you ever been asked the question “what would you take to a desert island”? Probably yes. We usually imagine such a situation to assess for a moment what is most important to us and what is not so important.

With this assumption, this app makes you choose between those applications that you think you will use for a day and those that you think are expendable.

In any case, you don’t run the risk of eliminating any of them. They simply stop working within the stipulated period of time and as long as you decide not to stop the experiment. Do you already have an idea of ​​which ones you would stop using?

Unlock Block

Going back to the number of times we access our smartphone, Unlock Block counts them and shows them to us in giant numbers, so that they do not go unnoticed.


Of all the apps to overcome mobile addiction, Envelope is probably one of the most radical and shocking. It is not a wallpaper that shows data, in figures or graphs, but your bet goes further.

From your app , you have to print a paper PDF. It is an envelope that you must fold and convert into a case for your phone . In this way, the paper envelope hides the screen and the rest of the terminal, except for the buttons and the camera, so the only functions you can do are phone calls and photos .

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