Slack Alternatives

Instant messaging has become a constant channel of communication in many companies. And although WhatsApp is very popular, there are better ones. Unlike email, instant messaging makes conversations in real-time easier. In addition, current solutions allow you to send a text but also voice messages, make video calls and even send files. An all-in-one ideal for teamwork.

Slack Alternatives

There are many instant messaging applications for professional use. Hangouts, Slack, Skype, Telegram … WhatsApp has even become popular by creating groups for internal communication. And to this list, we have to add one more alternative, Glip or RingCentral Glip.

And it is that WhatsApp has become very popular in the professional field thanks to its great acceptance among smartphone users. Many SMEs, for example, use it as a communication channel with their clients. But as an internal communication tool, options like Glip are more recommended.

All in One Digital

Although we talk about WhatsApp for being known to everyone, the standard in the professional instant messaging sector is Slack. There are many reasons, such as having a version for any device, allowing individual and group conversations, sending files, highlighting messages, integrating with third-party services such as Google Drive and a long etcetera.

For its part, Glip agrees, like Slack, in being an instant messaging application. Also, you can install it on your Windows PC or on your Mac with macOS. It also has a version for iPhone, iPad and Android, although for the moment it is called RingCentral.

We can talk to users individually, chat in groups, and even make video calls. So far the normal in a messaging app.

But Glip wants to go further, so it offers the possibility to send and receive files, share documents in the cloud and organize daily work through a shared calendar integrated into the app itself and a task management tool. All without leaving Glip.

Another peculiarity of Glip is that we can use it to give remote talks by sharing the video in real-time. In this sense, the free version allows 500 minutes of video to be shared, while the paid version supports up to 1,000 minutes per user per month.

If all these own functions are not enough, Glip gets along well with third party services. In its list of integrations, you will find such popular names as Asana, Box, Evernote, GitHub, Dropbox, Jira, Harvest, Salesforce or Trello. In short, you can integrate Glip with the other tools you use in your day today.

In conclusion, Glip aims to be the only application you need for your daily work, and always accessible and available place where you can share notes, messages, files and find everything you need to carry out your tasks.

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